Rudolf Kálmán, inventor of the Kalman Filter, passed away aged 86

14 Jul 2016

The inventor of the Kalman Filter passed away aged 86 on July 2nd, 2016. The Kalman Filter is an important part of Xsens’ technology. Dr. Rudolf Kálmán became famous for the use of his Kalman Filter during the Apollo program (Github link), and later on, in the NASA Space Shuttle, in Navy submarines and in unmanned aerospace vehicles. The Kalman Filter is now the standard to estimate parameters in linear systems.

Xsens and Kalman Filter
The Kalman Filter is of major importance to the innovative spirit of Xsens. Since its inauguration in 2000, all Xsens’ products have used the Kalman Filter to derive the position and orientation. The filter is the base of Xsens’ proprietary XKF libaries. XKF stands for Xsens Kalman Filter, a customized filter to achieve the high accuracy Xsens strives for.

Kalman Lounge
To honor Rudolf Kálmán, our newly opened restaurant and state-of-the art demonstration area on the top floor of our building, is now called the ‘Kalman Lounge‘. If you are in the privileged position to visit Xsens, you can have a toast and a demo in the honor of Dr. Kálmán.


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