New software release: MVN Animate & MVN Analyze 2018.2

8 Aug 2018

Our latest update of MVN Animate & MVN Analyze is now available for download. MVN 2018.2 is the latest stable release and we recommend to update to 2018.2 as soon as possible.

What is new?

  • Finger tracking
    Xsens now offers native support in MVN Animate for Manus VR Gloves. You can already order the Manus VR – Xsens Edition.
    Also watch the tutorial on how to setup the Manus VR Gloves in MVN Analyze.
  • On-Body-Recording (OBR) with props
    You can record the data of your props during an On Body Recording (OBR) session.
  • Automatic HD Reprocessing
    MVN Animate now automatically reprocesses files to give you the highest quality motion capture data. You can configure the settings in the preferences.
  • Increased output rate for MVN Awinda lower body
    An upgrade of the output rate up to 100Hz for lower body MVN Awinda to record high dynamic movements.
  • UDP protocol for Siemens plug-in
    You can now optimize your Siemens workflow by using the UDP protocol.
  • Adjust position of the avatar during HD Reprocessing
    You can now adjust the position of the avatar during reprocessing in MVN Animate. You can adjust the position to the origin or any other arbitrary location.
  • Log usage statistics in MVN
    This allows anonymous feedback as to which features and components are used and to what extent, in order to improving our products.


And of course more! You can find all details about this release on our download pages.

Download MVN Animate 2018.2

Download MVN Analyze 2018.2


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