Join our Siggraph Asia talk with special guest SEGA Interactive!

2 Nov 2018

We are fast approaching Siggraph Asia 2018 and we are excited to announce that Xsens and our partner in Japan, Zero C Seven, will present a technical talk together with special guest SEGA Interactive!

Contents of the talk:

The growing demand for high quality live animations is driving the technical evolution of sensor based mocap technology and game engines. Xsens is leading this evolution by providing production quality data in all environments. It enables animators in the Live Entertainment, Game, Film and VFX markets, to work with production ready motion capture data without the need for a dedicated space or studio. Xsens will present its unique Animate Engine with HD Reprocessing feature for multi-level tracking. The HD Reprocessor minimizes manual post-processing or cleanup by delivering live-like mocap data. As a special guest, SEGA Interactive will give examples of productions that have used Xsens MVN, and will talk about their current technology developments.
Session link

Time and place:
G409 (4F, Glass Building),
Thursday, December 6, 9:30 – 10:45

Niek Hollak, Xsens
Takayuki Ikeda, Zero C Seven
Tadashi Nagamatsu, SEGA Interactive

Extra Remarks:
The session will be partly in English, Japanese translation will be available.



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