Introducing the Xsens Indie Program

Two years ago we announced the Xsens Indie Program, a new initiative designed to democratize the use of our Hollywood-grade motion capture solutions.

The Xsens Indie Program has been launched to support inspiring up-and-coming talent. It will provide indies, student teams, young studios and game devs with access to Xsens’ production-grade mocap technology at an entry-level budget.

Two years later with the recent introduction of MotionCloud earlier this year, we opened up possibilities to run motion capture projects in multiple locations simultaneously around the world. Now it's time for the next big step in the MotionCapture industry. Xsens introduces a new pricing model that slashes the barrier to entry for indie studios!

We saw the need to customize our world-class mocap solution, and thus now everyone can tailor hardware, software, and motion cloud options to the ideal overall package. It allows running smaller projects with precise and affordable Xsens technology. Having said, world-leading studios and researchers can use enhanced connectivity and processing power far beyond anything previously available.
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