Go-Karting fun

12 Sep 2017

Last week, we went karting with our PVX (Xsens Staff Association).

What started as a karting match between 15 or so persons, somehow ended up in a full-blown company wide competition. With over 35 persons participating in the karting event. The event itself started around 5 o’ clock and we were all ready to shred some tires on the track.

The competition we had registered for had 3 different elements. 

  • Training
  • Qualification
  • Race

Because there were so many people participating, there weren’t enough go-karts to let all of us race at the same time, not to mention the chaos that would’ve caused on the track. This meant we had to go through seperate training and qualification sessions and the top 10 drivers over both qualification sessions were invited to race the final race.

In the end, the race was won by Dieuwe Elferink who took home our PVX trophy.


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