ESPN Sport Science with MVN BIOMECH

12 Sep 2017

Xsens is featured on ESPN’s Sport Science. ESPN examines the skills of famous sports athletes including NBA star Kevin Durant, New York Knicks Kristaps Porziņģis, UCLA quarterback Brett Hundley and MLB All-Star Miguel Cabrera. For analyzing the specific skills of these athletes, ESPN uses the Xsens MVN BIOMECH 3D Kinematics System.

Watch all ESPN Sport Science episodes featuring the Xsens MVN BIOMECH system:

Video #24
Zach Collins Tries Shooting Against Volleyball Blockers

Video #23
The Science Of Lonzo Ball’s Shot

Video #22
Jarrett Allen Uses His Impressive Hops To Block Kicks

Video #21
ESPN NFL analyst Ryan Clark goes to NASA’s Johnson Space Center to find out what it would be like to play football on the moon.

ESPN - NASA - Xsens

Video #20
Kristaps Porzingis’ (New York Knicks) versatile skill set.

Kristaps Porziņģis - Xsens

Video #19
Anderson Varejão (Golden State Warriors) undergoes the hustle-and-go test.

Anderson Varejão - Xsens

Video #18
Tight end Rico Gathers bringing NBA size to NFL.

Rico Gathers at ESPN

Video #17
Wide receiver Tyler Boyd’s brain puts him where he needs to be.

Tyler Boyd at ESPN

Video #16
NFL Cornerback Jalen Ramsey’s mind-boggling range.

Jalen Ramsey at ESPN

Video #15
Buffalo Bills player Reggie Ragland’s range astonishes.

Ragland at ESPN

Video #14
The numbers behind NFL players Derrick Henry and Ezekiel Elliott.

Elliot and Henry - ESPN

Video #13
NBA superstar Kevin Durant re-enacts iconic moments by Micheal Jordan and Julius Erving.

Kevin Durant - Xsens

Video #12
Cleveland Cavaliers NBA player Kyrie Irving has some special moves.

Kyrie Irving - Xsens

Video #11
Boston Celtics NBA player Isaiah Thomas doing limbo and jumps to avoid the long players.

Isaiah Thomas - Xsens

Video #10
Paralympic athlete Tatyana McFadden who won the women’s wheelchair division of the 2015 New York City Marathon shows her strength at ESPN Sport Science.

Tatyana McFadden on ESPN

Video #9
Zach LaVine debuts a brand new dunk called the Sport Science Slam:

Zach LaVine

Video #8
Blue Jays slugger Josh Donaldson gets his swing analyzed in this next ESPN Sport Science video:

Josh Donaldson

Video #7
MLB All-Star Miguel Cabrera smashes apples in this next ESPN Sport Science video:

Miguel Cabrera - Xsens

Video #6
There is more to arm wrestling then just strong arms:

Arm Wrestling - Xsens

Video #5
See Special Olympian golfer Scott Allen hit the clubs:

Scott Allen - Xsens

Video #4
Watch power-lifter Jackie Barrett show his strength:

Jackie Barrett - Xsens

Video #3
Watch NBA draft D’Angelo Russell show his skills:

D'Angelo Russell

Video #2
Watch Vic Beasley showing his moves:

Vic Beasley

Video #1:
Watch the first feature showing the skills of Brett Hundley:

ESPN Sport Science

The “ESPN Sport Science Draft Combine” special airs April 27 at 7 p.m. ET on ESPN2.


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