Digital production studio Pit Viper chooses Xsens MVN

25 Sep 2015

Pit Viper is an animation, visual effects and digital production studio that specializes in finding efficient and cost effective ways to bring high quality entertainment to a broad audience. They have developed a production pipeline that takes advantage of the latest innovations in rendering and computer graphics technology. When researching how to bring that same throughput to creating animation, realized that performance capture or “mocap” was the right answer.

We asked CEO Jamie Dixon about his experience in researching for a motion capture solution:

“We looked into the various technologies including magnetic and optical and of course, the Xsens inertial tracking system. It was immediately obvious that Xsens had the best set up for our operation. We needed a system that didn’t take a big team to run and would be easy to throw on, record some motion, then be able to get that data into rendering quickly. Add to that the flexibility of a system that doesn’t need a fixed “volume” to record in and one that delivers extremely clean motion capture data without cleanup and the choice was easy.

To seal that, the care we got and continue to get from the Xsens team here in Los Angeles is outstanding. During a demo we were able to record some data in our conference room and had that working on our characters literally right away. Once we purchased a system, the use of a loaner while we waited for ours to arrive got us going much more quickly than we had anticipated.

Basically this has been the perfect system for us and has become the key tool for creating a base for our animated characters. Our goal is to have a facility that is easy enough to use that the technology and animation production don’t interfere with the story telling and Xsens has helped us reach that!”

You might know Jamie for his Visual Effects work on Prometheus, 42 and The Green Hornet.

If you have any inquiries, you can contact Jamie Dixon at: [email protected]


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