Corpore Sano featured in “El nuevo Herald – Miami”

10 Apr 2015

Martin Yaconis from Corpore Sano LLC, our partner for Human Motion Measurement in Latin America is featured in the El nuevo Herald.

“Basically, what we do is to measure everything that emanates from the human body, which is a machine. Our ultimate goal is to better understand the machine and help athletes find that extra that allows them to reach further”.

At the Elite Athletes Performance in Miami Corpore Sano shows the possibilities to all type of athletes starting from Baseball Major League players up to professional tennis or MMA fighters.

With technology like the MVN BIOMECH they can easily evaluate and correlate a number of internal and external variables that apply to each particular case, from keystrokes to the temperature and how all this affects the human body and, specifically, what you want to correct.

“It fascinates me to be able to understand why or when an elbow rotates and can destroy a career, or why a batter is a super gifted in practice and then collapses in the real game.”

Read the article at El nuevo Herald (Spanish)


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