PhD position MiniSens

21 Jan 2015

The Biomedical Signals and Systems group at the University Twente has a PhD position for the MiniSens project.

The MiniSens project aims to measure unconstrained 3D full human body movements using a minimal set of on-body kinematic sensor modules. The challenge is to find and combine information-rich descriptions of human movement with the aim of creating a personalized, 3D reconstruction of movement. Information sources could include concepts originating from behavior, existing movement datasets, biomechanics as well as multiple sensing modalities.

The STW project MiniSens will be performed in close collaboration with the company Xsens Technologies B.V.. Applications will be developed and evaluated in the area of virtual reality in cooperation with the company RE-liON and in telemedicine in Roessingh Research and Development.

PhD position MiniSens



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