Xsens - D-LAB integration enables analyzing all behavioural data

MVN Analyze connects directly with D-LAB Connect.


D-LAB data acquisition platform for behavioral research provides you with efficient and reliable support through all phases of
your ergonomic and usability studies. It helps to plan your studies, record data from various channels and generate the final
results via automated analysis. D-LAB can cope with different frequencies for each of the data channels, works across multiple
subjects and records all input data synchronously. With its modular structure it can be used for just one sensor type – such as
D-LAB Connect – or in combination with many other input channels like eye tracking or video.


Together with our partner Ergoneers we will introduce the new solution in a webinar March 19th at 7pm CET and 20th March at 9am CET (Central European time).
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Watch the demonstrator below to see how it works.

The principles of ergonomics pursues the goal making work as human as possible and achieving the best results. However, it is important to understand movement patterns not only with regard to “work”. Also in normal everyday life we are constantly confronted with the fact, that some physical activities cause stress.
The investigation of movement patterns also plays an important role in sports science. With this knowledge trainings can be optimized or tools can be developed for a better training.

Ultimately, however, it is all about our health and how to treat our body with care. It must be avoided to burden our body unnecessarily and in the worst case to damage it.

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