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MT Software Suite

Here you can download the latest MT Software Components. The latest version of our MTi firmware updater and the MT Software Suite is specifically designed for the MTi Product line that includes:

MT Software Suite Includes:

  • MT Manager
  • MT SDK with the following software development tools
    – XsensDeviceApi.dll (XDA) – DLL C interface
    – XDA source files – C, C++ wrapper
    – Example source code for MATLAB, DLL C, DLL C++ and shared object
  • Magnetic Field Mapper executable (GUI) and MFM SDK
  • Complete documentation

MTi Firmware

MT firmware updater Version 4.2.2 for Windows and Linux.

Firmware Updater for Windows

Firmware Updater for Linux 32-bit

Firmware Updater for Linux 64-bit

This is the latest stable Firmware Updater. Using the latest beta-firmware is possible using these instructions.

Release Highlights:

  • Added ReqHardwareVersion message
  • ReqAlignmentRotation message now returns the parameter
  • Firmware updater now can update filter profiles for 4th generation RS422 and RS485 devices.
  • Fixed bug with reqUTCTime returning wrong date and time
  • Several other bug fixes (see MTi Release Notes of Feb 2018).

Release Notes:
Click here to download the 4.2.2 Firmware Updater Release notes

MT Software Suite – Latest Stable Release

Download MT Software Suite 4.8
Release date: July 5th, 2017

No license keys are required for the MT Software Suite.

Release highlights:

  • Added support for 5th generation MTi, see BASE
  • Added 1 PPS synchronization functionality for MTi-G-710 (5th gen only)
  • 1 kHz calibrated Acceleration and Rate of Turn output (MTi 100-series)
  • Added UTC time input and output for MTi 1-series
  • Several bug fixes (see Release Notes)

Release Notes:
Click here to download the MT SW Suite release notes 4.8

MT Software Suite – Latest Beta Release

Download MT Software Suite 4.8.2
Release date: October 10th, 2017

No license keys are required for the MT Software Suite.

Release highlights:

    • Added possibility to configure USB buffering behavior in order to reduce communication latency

Added possibility to use XDA without (virtual) COM port

  • Fixed a bug causing XsDevice::createConfigFile to fail for a 5th generation MTi. This consequently fixed the “Save Settings” operation in MT Manager
  • Fixed operation of the ROS node in the Kinetic environment by initializing the serial interface using the correct rtscts and dsrdtr parameters

Release Notes:
Click here to download the MT SW Suite release notes 4.8.2

MT Software Suite for Linux

MT Software Suite is also available for Linux.
Download the MT Software Suite for Linux 4.8

MT Software Suite for Linux – Beta

MT Software Suite is also available for Linux.
Download the MT Software Suite for Linux 4.8.2

MT Software Suite - Older Version

MT Software Suite 4.7

March 30th, 2017

      • Added In-run Compass Calibration (ICC)
      • Improved Gyro Bias Estimation
      • Added XSVEL and ZDA strings
      • Added HighPerformanceEDR filter profile
      • Improved usability in MT Manager (AHS/Beidou)
      • Bug fixes (see release notes)


 MT Software Suite 4.6

July 12th, 2016

      • Improved gyro bias estimation, able to cope with higher offsets and improved stillness detection
      • BeiDou support for MTi-G-710
      • Added AHS to all filter profiles
      • Improved inclination performance for MTi 1-series
      • Added MTi 1-series to ROS-node


MT Software Suite 4.5

Jan 27th, 2016

      • Full support for MTi 1-series
      • Solved bugs in MTi 10-series/100-series firmware
      • Improved accuracy of MTi-G-700/710 in filter profiles with magnetometer
      • New Firmware Updater (online)
      • Legacy mode deprecated


MT Software Suite 4.3

Feb 27th, 2015

      • Full support for 64-bit Linux
      • Active Heading Stabilization added to VRU_General filter profiles
      • Optimized filter parameters for MTi-200 and MTi-300
      • NMEA position output for MTi-G-700
      • Improved system stability of read/write cycles for flash memory


MT Software Suite 4.2.1

Jan 17th, 2014

      • Firmware for RS485 interface available
      • Magnetic Field Mapper and MFM SDK can now be used on any Windows XP system
      • Bug fixes for orientation resets and synchronization settings

Note: MT Software Suite 4.2.1 will be the latest MT Software Suite officially supported under Windows XP.

MT Software Suite 4.2

Nov 13th, 2013

      • Magnetic Field Mapper GUI and Magnetic Field Mapper SDK for MTi and MTw
      • NMEA for MTi 10-series and MTi 100-series
      • Expanded synchronization features (MTi)
      • MT Manager supports multiple Awinda Stations/dongles
      • Interface improvements in MT Manager
      • Improved outage behavior for MTw
      • Latency of MTw reduced by 3 m


MT Software Suite 4.1.5

June 5th, 2013

      • MTw is now supported in XDA (Xsens Device API)
        – XDA is written in C, with a wrapper for C++ so it is not reliant on compiler version
      • Improved retransmission behaviour of MTw.
      • Battery life extended by 15%
      • Filter optimization MTi-G-700
      • Improved user interface in MT Manager
      • UART available on MTi
      • SyncIn issues (MTi) solved
      • Minor bug fixes


MT Software Suite 4.1

Dec 18th, 2012

      • Support for MTi-G-700
      • Added synchronization options for MTi 10-series and MTi 100-series
      • Improved handling of graphs in MT Manager
      • Implemented more robust communication
      • Improved GUI of MT Manager
      • Added public source code and Linux shared object
      • Onboard determination of magnetic declination based on stored (all products) or real-time position (MTi-G-700 GPS/INS)


MT Software Suite 4.0

Sep 25th, 2012

    • First release of MT Software Suite
    • Support for 4th generation MTi
    • Continuation of MT SDK 3.3
    • Better structured higher level communication protocol XDA (Xsens Device API)
    • Refurbished/modernized MT Manager
    • New Magnetic Field Mapping algorithm, capable of processing in-use data


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