MTi Firmware

The Firmware of the MTi products can be updated through the firmware updater which you can download below. You can find more information about the current firmware version and the status of the firmware on this page.

The MTi Firmware is available for:

For the MT Software Suite, please follow this link.

MTi Firmware

Product version Product name Stable FW version
(Link to Release notes)
Release date Beta FW / date
(Link to Release notes)
MTi 1-Series hardware V2 MTi-1/MTi-2/MTi-3 1.2.7 July 2018
MTi-7 1.2.6 June 2018
MTi-10/100 Series MTi-10 / MTi-20 / MTi-30 1.7.2 July 2017 1.7.4 / Oct 2017
5th Generation MTi-100 / MTi-200 / MTi-300 1.7.2 July 2017 1.7.4 / Oct 2017
MTi-G-710 1.7.2 July 2017 1.7.4 / Oct 2017
Older Generations
MTi 1-series Hardware v1 MTi-1 / MTi-2 / MTi-3 1.2.1 (final firmware) July 2017
MT 10/100-series MTi-10 / MTi-20 / MTi-30 1.8.2 (final firmware) Feb 2018
4th Generation  MTi-100 / MTi-200 / MTi-300 1.8.2 (final firmware) Feb 2018
MTi-G-710 1.8.2 (final firmware) Feb 2018

MTi Firmware updater

To update the firmware on your MTi device to a new version, please download the appropriate version of the Firmware Updater software.

MT firmware updater Version 4.2.3 for Windows and Linux

Firmware Updater for Windows

Firmware Updater for Linux 32-bit

Firmware Updater for Linux 64-bit


This is the latest stable Firmware Updater. Using the latest beta-firmware is possible using these instructions.

MTi Firmware - Highlight changelog

For a full history of Firmware Changelogs and the Release Notes, please view Changelogs and Release Notes


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