Motion Analysis


Movement analysis

Numan motion analysis is the observation and definition of human movements. Easy analysis can involve easy observations. More difficult analysis often involves some form of technology, for example high speed, or optical / optoelectronic cameras to generate the kinematics needed for analysis. Often force plates and/ or electromyography can be combined to provide complete information. Below you will find more information on Movement Analysis with inertial sensors.

Movement Analysis with inertial sensors

Xsens solutions are based on MEMS inertial sensors, facilitating accurate kinematic measurements in and outside the laboratory. The environment can be in the lab but also the subject’s home, the ski slope or even in the air. With no need for a lab, the data can be recorded in the natural environment.

Xsens MVN system
Ambulatory 3D Kinematics measurements system

MTw Awinda
Wireless, small and lightweight 3D motion tracker kit

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