May 25, 2022

MCCC Metaverse Chapter


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Join the third Mocap Content Creators Conference (MCCC). After two of our successful editions in 2021, we are now ready for the third MCCC, the Metaverse Chapter!

For the Metaverse Chapter, we came up with an impressive lineup of Metaverse pioneers who will share insights into their Metaverse journey. They will also talk about how they are using Xsens motion capture to build avatars and virtual worlds.

Bringing years of experience from across the entire production industry, you'll get first-hand insights from pioneering video content creators Brendan O'Neill, Jonathan Winbush, Cory Williams, Aragorn Meulendijks, and HaZ Dulull!

Enabling small and large studios to realize their creative ideas is what we do best-providing accurate motion capture, combined with cloud services for a more efficient pipeline.

The conference will take place on May 25, but you can register and we will send you the session recordings.
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May 25

Welcome & Introduction

Remco Sikkema Senior Marketing Communications Manager

Opening and welcome to the third MCCC - Metaverse Chapter.


Building an NFT Series for the future

Kevin Docherty & James Spillman Founders – JPunksNFT

Kevin and James will discuss their Jurassic Punks (JPunks) NFT project. A one-of-a-kind project built in Unreal Engine 5 with Metaverse ready avatars. Built by a dedicated team of award-winning Visual Effects veterans.

This session will be followed by a live Q&A with Kevin and James.


The Metaverse is not what you think it is, and you can’t escape it

Aragorn Meulendijks CMO at BEEMUP

Aragorn. Lord of the Metaverse. CMO at BEEMUP, the company behind the world’s first Layer 1 Metaverse Platform, Your Open Metaverse.

In this session, Aragorn will take you on a journey into what our Metaverse future might look like, breaking down the technological drivers that underpin the Metaverse, why it’s core component is blockchain peer2peer technology and not VR, what business will be disrupted, what new business models this offers and how it will save humanity from itself.

This session will be followed by a live Q&A with Aragorn.


From metaverse prototyping to User Generated NFT experiences

Haz Dulull Producer / Director at HaZimation

HaZ will be breaking down two web3 projects which are produced using HaZimation’s dedicated unreal engine pipeline. The first is when Xmanna an e-sports driven metaverse teamed up with HaZimation to originally create a trailer that lead to prototyping the Mannaverse (specifically the gamification and world-building elements). The second project looks at how HaZimation is creating user-generated web3 experiences with the project Uppercut, a partnership with the team at Jumpcut, where this utility-driven NFT project is 100% community driven.

This session will be followed by a live Q&A with HaZ.


Live animation for the Metaverse

Dominik Faber Founder & CEO at Yabal

Yabal is the high-fidelity metaverse game world for premium experiences and live-animated shows.

Dominik will talk about the current state of live shows in the Metaverse, why they are important and how they can be successful. He will give a detailed look at Yabal’s motion-capture-based live-animation technology and share learnings from past live concerts on Yabal’s platform.

This session will be followed by a live Q&A with Dominik.


Realm Bending in Unreal Engine as a Stepping Stone to Living in the MetaVerse

Eric Bear & Cory Williams Belonging

Immersing oneself deeply in a MetaVerse requires “realm bending” — a method of co-existing in multiple realities while fluidly phasing awareness between them. Actors, directors and environmental artists in virtual production have much to teach us in preparation for beaming up.

In this session, Cory Williams and Eric Bear will share hands-on volume translation tips, bio-natural locomotion tricks, and realm bending experiences from their recent work on HyperWatt Productions’ latest animated TV mini-series.

This session will be followed by a live Q&A with Eric and Cory.


Digital Dancer

Veronica Lynn Harper Digital Dancer

Veronica Lynn Harper has over 15 years of experience in the art & tech industry for game studios. And in her session, Veronica will talk about technology & artistic expression. An exploration of physical movement, visual art, and sound with Xsens Motion Capture suit and MVN software technology.

Veronica and Movella are also teaming up on a special project which she will share more about.

This session will be followed by a live Q&A with Veronica.


Building an NFT powered Metaverse called SINS

Brendan O'Neil Founder at Sombra

Brendan and partner Demian Gordon launched Sombra Network, a full service NFT and blockchain VFX studio. Together they have built an NFT marketplace and global community of token holders ready for their upcoming NFT drop SINS on May 4th.

SINS, the NFT multiverse created by Sombra Network is a VFX utility-based NFT ecosystem that allows minters to become their NFTs.

In this session, Brendan will talk about the challenges his team faced to bring this new motion capture NFT metaverse to life and the future of NFT utility.

This session will be followed by a live Q&A with Brendan.


Creating the MEFaverse, an NFT project by Method Man

Jonathan Winbush Founder of Winbush Immersive

Jonathan is a multi-award-winning motion graphics artist who pushes the limits of what can be accomplished with a little creativity.

In this session, Jonathan will deep-dive into what he and the team created for the MEFaverse, an NFT-powered project around iconic rapper Method Man.

This session will be followed by a live Q&A with Jonathan.


Using Photogrammetry To Create Avatars

Cory Williams Owner at Taiyaki Studios

Cory pioneered the world of online video as the world's first professional YouTuber. 

In his session, Cory will show you how to use free photogrammetry software to create high quality assets for characters, props and environments. Also you will learn how to use free photogrammetry software to create cool new avatars for motion capture. Be He-Man! Be a rock monster! Be a photo-scanned version of yourself! You could be an NFT. Photogrammetry makes it possible.

This session will be followed by a live Q&A with Cory.


Xsens - closing

Christian Johnston Account Executive Entertainment

Final words and closing to the third MCCC - Metaverse Chapter.

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Jurrasic Punks

With over 20 years in the Film and TV industry Kevin has done it all. Kevin’s passion comes from building creative companies and making them successful. Alongside this Kevin is a crypto & blockchain enthusiast and has been bridging the gap between tradtional high-quality media and WEB3 technology.

Jurassic Punks

A VFX veteran of over 15 years, James has led and been involved in award-winning projects for the likes of Nike, Playstation and MTV. James was also one of the first artists accepted onto the Unreal Fellowship. James is also a trained screenwriter with his latest film currently being made by an Oscar-winning director.


Aragorn. Lord of the Metaverse. CMO at BEEMUP, the company behind the world’s first Layer 1 Metaverse Platform, Your Open Metaverse.

Producer / Director

HaZ started his career in Video games before moving into Visual Effects, and then later transitioning over to Directing & Producing. HaZ is the co-founder of production company HaZimation producing feature films, tv and video games. In 2020, HaZ was hailed by Epic Games as a pioneer in utilizing the latest in Unreal Engine and Virtual Production on his animated feature films in production.

Founder & CEO

Dominik Faber is the CEO and founder of Yabal. The German entrepreneur previously founded the HR software company softgarden which was acquired by private equity firm Investcorp in 2018. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Dominik studied Computational Linguistics and Computer Science in Saarbrücken and Berlin.

HyperWatt Productions

Eric Bear (HyperWatt®) is an actor known for Annie Hall; and an entrepreneur with over 100 patents. He has licensed his inventions to all major motion picture studios and top consumer electronics companies in the world. Last century, he won best animation at SXSW.

Veronica Lynn
XOXO Design Lab

She is multidisciplinary with 15 years in the art & tech industry for game studios. Currently, Veronica is leading interactive exhibitions featuring fine art walls and sculptures of international public art. She is also a developer on various hardware and software teams integration with developers for the creation of toon stylized bespoke characters and realistic Unreal Engine Metahumans pipelines.


In 2021, Brendan launched Sombra Network, a full-service NFT and blockchain VFX studio that is leading the way in decentralized content and storytelling. Alongside his award-winning studio Bonfire VFX, they built an NFT marketplace and global community of token holders. Their upcoming NFT drop, SINS, is May 4th. Made with Unreal 5, Iclone, Xsens, Manus VR and Faceware.

Winbush Immersive

Jonathan Winbush is a multi-award-winning motion graphics artist with over 15 years of experience working in television, movies, to VR & AR. Winbush has done work for Epic Games, Marvel, Netflix, DC & Warner Bros. Winbush is currently a part of the Youtube Black Voice Fund and was also recently awarded the MegaGrant by Epic games to further support his educational efforts.

Technical Artist
Taiyaki Studios

Cory pioneered the world of online video as the world's first professional YouTuber. With millions of subscribers and billions of views across his 5 unique channels, Cory uses his filmmaking skills and technical abilities to continue pioneering new fronts. In 2018, he shifted his focus into full-time virtual production.