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At Xsens, we pioneered the first motion tracking solutions in the marine industry. Since then, motion tracking has rapidly gained ground in marine & ports applications. Our solutions for this area are suited for use near, on and under the water surface. Examples include underwater robotics, marine surveyor systems, autonomous boats, or heavy compensating cranes and virtual anchors. Among the key considerations for our customers in this application area are robustness and reliability: you need a device that can handle rough weather and motion as well salt and fresh water influences.


Challenges for Marine & Ports

Above and beneath the water surface, orientation and positioning can be challenging due to poor visibility and high magnetic distortion. Think, for example of working in the waters beneath vessels or platforms, or other operations underwater, where GNSS signals are absent. This is why, in addition to robustness, many customers in this market rely heavily on our antimagnetic distortion filters, which allow Xsens-enabled systems to hold a heading without a compass. The form factor tends to be less demanding in this field, with ample space allowing for larger – and therefore generally less costly – solutions


Marine and ports

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