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Xsens DOT is a state-of-the-art wearable sensor platform for developers and innovators wishing to create their own applications using highly accurate motion tracking data. 

Xsens DOT offers cutting-edge technology that intelligently fuses sensor data streams, combining them with accurate mathematical and application-related models providing accurate, high-fidelity motion tracking data ready to be integrated into your applications. The battery life is up to 9 hours and internal storage is up to 1 million datapoints.  

Once you have developed your app using the Xsens DOT platform, it could allow physiotherapists, sports coaches, and other ergonomic professionals to offer the next level of service to their clients and patients, by recording highly accurate movement data for more scientifically accurate results. 

Powered by Xsens DOT

With Xsens DOT the possibilities are endless. We encourage developers to build their own unique application. Here we give an overview of applications that we find promising for many users. You will find inspiration, examples and download files in motion tracking application powered by Xsens DOT. 

Free download: Xsens DOT Educational Curriculum

Develop your application

Our intuitive development platform has been designed to provide a quick and easy way to bring your application idea to life. Our goal is to help you get the most from your Xsens DOT and we are ready to provide a resourceful library of advice and support. Read a step-by-step workflow to start building your app.

Buy Xsens DOT set.

The Xsens DOT set includes

  • 5 Xsens DOT sensors
  • Charging case and a cable
  • Xsens DOT Software Development Package

Buy a Xsens DOT Set

Download and install Xsens DOT app.

With this app you can quickly access Xsens DOT sensors functionality and get motion tracking data from the sensors. Xsens DOT app is available for Android and iOS. The Xsens DOT app features Over-The-Air upgrade option to ensure that the developers will not miss out any new features.

Xsens DOT app (Android) Xsens DOT app (iOS)

Start building your application

The platform is flexible and can be adjusted to your needs. Xsens DOT uses Bluetooth to transmit sensor fusion and inertial data quantities to a host device. You have several options to start building your app.

  • You can use the mobile SDK provided with the platform. SDK is available for Android or iOS. Download the one you prefer

Xsens DOT SDK (Android) Xsens DOT SDK (iOS)

  • If you are experienced in Bluetooth development and want to build an application on other platforms with BLE 5.0, a lower level BLE Services Specifications is provided to enable direct communication with Xsens DOT sensors.

Xsens DOT BLE Services Specs

  • You can use Xsens DOT server to scan, connect and start measurements with Xsens DOT on Windows, macOS and Rasberry Pi. Download, modify and further develop on this code base to build your application.
  • Use Xsens DOT Data Exporter to export recording files quickly to a Mac or PC

Xsens DOT serverXsens DOT Data Exporter (macOS)
Xsens DOT Data Exporter (Windows)

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Check out our FAQ list covering topics on hardware, software, and integration options.

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