Skrillex: Live on stage!

Skrillex Skrillex
Skrillex Skrillex

For his 2011/2012 world tour Skrillex introduced a live motion capture act to his onstage performance. Skrillex is wearing theXsens MVN motion capture suit and the animated characters are shown live on a huge screen behind him.

Skrillex @ The Longbranch

Skrillex @ San Diego part 1

Skrillex – Breakn’ a Sweat ft. Members of The Doors

In this video clip you can see lots of Xsens MVN footage during the live performances:

Mothership road movie

See his 3D stage (“The Cell”) and see Skrillex in the Xsens MVN mocap shoot when he is doing live performances:

Mothership Tour

Watch his “Mothership Teaser Tour” with some footage of the mocap setup (“The Cell”):

Visitor quotes

“Skrillex taking liveshows to new levels!” – Youtube

“Coolest set on earth!” – Youtube

“Is that robot doing what Skrillex is doing?” – Youtube

“Such a great show!!! Holy sh*t it was so amazing!” – Youtube

“Seriously, the best show I’ve ever seen. The lights were f**king amazing.” – Youtube

“If this doesnt make aliens want to land and say hi, then nothing will.” – Youtube

“Skrillex said he had some insane new technology that no one has ever seen befor for his fall tour but he couldnt talk about it. Guess what people I’m almost sure this is it! ^^ holy awsomesauce batman” – Youtube

“Golly gee willigers that mocap animation is dope!” – Youtube

Skrillex Skrillex
Skrillex Skrillex


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