Free Style 2 Street Basketball

Free Style 2 Street Basketball Free Style 2 Street Basketball

JCE, Alfred Imageworks and Motion Technologies (our distributor for South Korea) worked together on the basketball game ‘Free Style 2 Street Basketball’.

Freestyle 2 is a Hip-Hop influenced, three-on-three Street Ball Game, but with more fun factors involved, really pushing the developers to put in some great input. The game was released end of 2011.

Motion Technologies worked on the motion capture files and shot most of moves on an indoor basketball court. “Xsens MVN is good to use outdoors and also indoors when they played basketball in the gym for Freestyle2”, says Motion Technologies.

To see the trailer for Freestyle 2, you can click on the image on the right. You can also view a short behind the scenes movie if you click on the picture beneath.


“Freestyle 2 is probably one the most impressive and visually rich game cinematic of this year featuring an animation by South Korean companies JCE, Motion Technologies and Alfred Imageworks” – It’s Art Magazine

“Alfred Imageworks has completed Freestyle 2 Street Basketball Trailer made for JCE featuring attractive Animation and amazing Visuals.” – CG Terminal

Free Style 2 Street Basketball Free Style 2 Street Basketball


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