MVN Processing overview

This table gives you a complete of the MVN Processing pricing, features, and functionalities
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Pricing team owner

$295 per month
(or $2,950 per year)

Pricing team member(s)

$30 per user per month
(Additional team members will be charged from April 1st, 2022 onwards)


Your files are securely stored on Xsens MotionCloud

Upload .MVN files


Storage capacity for reprocessed files


Exporting files


MVN Motion Capture Engine

MVN HD Reprocessing Engine

Export formats

MVNX (position/orientation)

Additional information

All uploaded files will be HD reprocessed and results can be viewed in MotionCloud and MVN. You can select (parts of) your files to be exported.
Monthly and yearly subscriptions can be purchased and canceled in the Subscription portal within MotionCloud. You will still be able to use your subscription for the time you have already paid for.
To make use of the trial, you will need an MVN Animate system