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Xsens participated on this project, which was funded under the European Union 5th Framework Programme. The project developed a device to help patients with a problem known as drop foot. The device consists of a medical implant for stimulation of the peroneal nerve and a stimulator that strapped to the lower leg. Instead of using manual switches or footswitches for control of the stimulator, data of inertial sensors are used. A software algorithm accurately detects the gait phase and ensures that the implant stimulation is triggered at the correct time instance.

There are currently around 1.4 M stroke patients living with drop foot in Europe and the USA. In addition, the 3 different Microsystems to be developed can be used in a variety of other medical applications, e.g. other implantable systems and in monitoring human movement to help prevent back injury. This project introduces new Microsystems into the market place, thus helping to reduce the material resources required. In addition, it will improve the health and quality of life for people suffering from walking disabilities.


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