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Xsens teams up in a strong European consortium to develop a unique, markerless, solution for real-time 6DOF tracking for augmented and mixed reality applications. Per Slycke (CTO) of Xsens: “The MATRIS project aims to develop a unique, easy-to-use and robust technology for accurate 6DOF tracking of cameras in augmented and mixed reality applications. In technical terms, the system will track position, orientation, and focal length of a camera in real-time, using the camera images together with unobtrusive 6DOF inertial motion sensors mounted on the camera. This approach mimics the way a human orients himself, using the vestibular organ (in the ears) -which is essentially an inertial measurement unit, and the eyes- essentially comparable to a camera. The great thing about this approach is that the tracking system will not require any special infrastructure, or markers, to be installed.”

J. Chandaria, G. Thomas, B. Bartczak, K. Koeser, R. Koch, M. Becker, G. Bleser, D. Stricker, C. Wohlleber, M. Felsberg, F. Gustafsson, J. D. Hol, T. B. Schon, J. Skoglund, P. J. Slycke, and S. Smeitz.
Real-time camera tracking in the MATRIS project
SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal, 116(7-8):266-271, Aug. 2007a.
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