Real-time control of robot with Xsens MVN

The Korean Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) uses Xsens MVN for real-time control of the movements of their robot 'Mahru'.

Mahru is an advanced biped humanoid developed by KIST and Samsung Electronics. A person wears the Xsens MVN suit while performing various tasks. The movements are recorded and the robot is then programmed to reproduce the tasks while adapting to changes in the space, such as a displaced objects.

See Mahru in action:


In the demonstration above, the motions are recorded and transferred to Mahru, who learns them on the spot. Compliant control and force-torque sensors guide the robot's movements so that they are safe and exact.

The Xsens MVN system was supplied to KIST by Xsens' distributor SungWha Tech.

You can find more about the Mahru project at IEEE Spectrum.