Monitor the behavior of your transport with the portable unit MOSS

TARKA-SYSTEMS is an innovative company specialized in the development and production of client-specific measurement and monitoring tools and (portable) data-acquisition systems (hardware and software).

TARKA-SYSTEM provides an easy way to monitor the behavior of your transport and the direct influence to the cargo using their portable unit called the MOSS.


The MOSS is a practical, robust and portable measurement solution with many options to log and monitor different kind of inputs. The system can be applied in harsh environments without any special installation requirements.

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MOSS unit (right-top) with motion sensor (left-bottom) and IRIDIUM unit (left-top)


With the integrated battery system the MOSS can run approximately ten hours stand-alone. With an additional battery unit or external power supply the system can run continuously. Data is stored on an USB stick for easy data transfer. Direct transfer of “snap-shot” data to a webserver by use of an IRIDIUM unit is possible. With a setup time of less than one hour, the unit is ideal for normal and fast response projects.

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 Container cranes on ship, ready for transport.



The Xsens MTi 10-series is a reliable and robust MEMS-based Motion Tracker. It is based on an industry-proven sensor fusion algorithm coming from 20 years of experience in Marine and Industrial markets. Xsens has been working with TARKA-SYSTEMS for over 10 years to make sure the MTi works flawlessly with their products, including the MOSS.

The Xsens MTi motion tracker gives industrial grade accuracy data to the MOSS unit and using standardized interfaces and protocols such as RS232 and NMEA it is easy to integrate the MTi into the MOSS monitoring unit.

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The data from the IRIDIUM is presented on a webserver with the data on the inbox and visual presentation of the location on a world map. Location updates are at a fixed time interval, selected prior or even during transport.

100200156 route

World map on which track-locations are displayed.

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The MOSS unit is a universal data logger unit for multiple sensor inputs and therefor suitable for many different applications. Due to its small size and internal battery option it is ideal for (hand-carry) field applications. Below a brief overview of possible options of the MOSS.

Protocol options:

Serial input RS232 (NMEA), RS485 (MODBUS-RTU), mA input (0-20mA)(4-20 mA), Volt dc  (0-10V), CAN, Ethernet, Digital inputs/outputs, NTP synchronization.

Messages with location and additional data.


Example of applications (measurements):

Motion, Depth, Temperature, Flow, Pressure, Strain gage, Environmental / wind, Draft, Incline, Wireless data transfer to remote location (ship-ship, ship-shore).



TARKA-SYSTEMS is an innovative company specialized in the development and production of client-specific measurement and monitoring tools and (portable) data-acquisition systems (hardware and software).

The company TARKA-SYSTEMS was founded by Henry Wijgerse in 2011 after 15 years world-wide field experience and system development for one of the largest maritime research institute in the world (MARIN, The Netherlands).

As a one-stop solution for the client, TARKA-SYSTEMS provides all kind of monitoring systems to a large range of companies, from small portable units to large permanent solutions. See detailed information of the MOSS APPLICATIONS.


MOSS-UNIT (transport-monitoring)

Rugged case  305x270x194 mm
Weight     Approx. 4.5 kg
Battery  90 Wh
Connectivity  1 x motion sensor
  1 x IRIDIUM Unit
Charger input  1 x charger 95-240Vac
Charger output  1 x 12 Vdc
3.5 inch, 320x240 pixel
Display and store data
Data Storage 
USB stick (8/16/32 Gbyte)
  10 Hz (option 20 Hz)
Motion sensor 
Xsens motion sensor Mti
  200x180x100 mm
  Approx. 2.5 kg + cable


Choosing your product

Want to know the right inertial measurement unit for your application? Try our recommendation tool and find out what MTi you need by answering just 3 questions.

Recommendation tool

This product version of the MTi 10-series is not recommended for new designs, please refer to the MTi 600-series. As a replacement we offer the MTi-610. Find out more about this product:

Product page MTi-610 IMU