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BMO Offshore believes that everyone working in offshore wind, from deck-hands to operational planners, must be prepared to face the risky environment out there. At BMO Offshore, they work with ambitious asset operators in offshore wind who want to work more efficiently and safely. BMO delivers bespoke information solutions to improve offshore wind operations. The experience includes offshore wind projects in UK, Germany and the Netherlands for clients such as Siemens and SSE.

BMO services

BMO Offshore delivers operational information based on client data and its own on-board measurement systems. The information enables clients to validate vessel and crew performance and safety offshore. Combining client data, measurements and BMO's own experience allows offshore operators to make better operational decisions. BMO facilitates continuous operational improvements to increase the effectiveness and safety of the offshore operations of their clients.

BMO product

BMO’s innovative Vessel Black Box is a vessel movement monitoring system developed to inform operators about the actual operational performance and safety offshore. By measuring vessel movements and accelerations in all degrees of freedom, working conditions are assessed continuously. The Vessel Black Box is an integral part of BMO’s services and installed, operated and removed by BMO. It is completely stand-alone and delivers information directly and reliably. An overview of the product is shown below.


BMO Offshore applies Xsens’s MTi-G-700 and MTi-300 sensors. The MTi-G-700 is a high-end digital six degrees-of-freedom AHRS with built in GPS, used inside the vessel close to the CoG. The MTi-300 delivers redundant measurements at the vessel stern to closely monitoring the conditions during wind turbine transfers. Both sensor types are MEMS-based and acquire data at a measurement rate of 100Hz. The sensors are IP67 and can handle a maximum impact of 2000G, allowing reliable use offshore.


  • Automated reporting of all CTV movements and transfers
  • Automatic video recording of all turbine transfers
  • Logging of vessel nose movements during transfers
  • Logging of boat landing impacts by vessels
  • Quick incident investigation
  • Sea-state assessment, real-time and hindcast statistics
  • Operational performance comparison of CTVs / sea states
  • Optional comfort measurement/comparison according to DNV high speed craft code


Benefits for Offshore Operators

  • Improved offshore workability with higher safety
  • On-going client support to improve performance and safety
  • Continuous insight in and control of offshore operations
  • Integral information service – BMO IT-hardware-software
  • Measurements stored by independent 3rd party for arbitrage
  • High-quality operations statistics at minimum effort and cost
  • Comparison of vessel and crew performance


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