Bob Biomechanics

BoB Biomechanics Bundle

‘Biomechanics of Bodies’ – in short: BoB – can analyze internal body loadings, energy expenditure, reaction force, joint contact force, and more. However, to round off effective analysis, BoB also requires motion data: Xsens motion data. That's why we combined forces and developed the BoB Biomechanics bundle, designed for ease of use and rigor in analysis. This hardware/software bundle contains everything you require to do a complete biomechanical analysis: 

  • The hardware in the bundle is the MVN Awinda existing of 17 wireless MTw2 trackers.
  • The software in the bundle is 1) MVN Analyze Plus for collecting motion data and 2) BoB is used for biomechanical analysis. BoB includes a musculoskeletal model of the human skeletal mechanism and a whole-body muscle model with over 600 muscle units.

Visit the BoB website to learn more about this bundle