Working From Home With Xsens

Whilst working from home can feel disruptive or difficult at first (for some), it can also provide an opportunity to be creative in new surroundings, and luckily the technology that is available today means that creative work doesn't have to stop!

Creating mocap driven character animation at home is a viable way to deliver on a project you had already started – or it could even help you shape the start of something new!

Some Xsens "Working from Home" resources:

We’ve collected some of our favorite videos, stories, and blogs that feature animation created in-the-home. We hope that something here serves as an inspirational and useful resource for you in the coming months…just make sure you clear some space before trying any big moves!


  • Director Ron Ducats from Bryant Films tests out the suit at home for his Halo fan film


  • Our Polish partner PCC Polka showing how to setup the system at home.

  • The Pantheon! A personal project by Han Yang, CG Supervisor at Method Studios. He did all the mocap using Xsens, by himself, in his living room.




Real-Time Live - Kite Lightning - Xsens



To make the transition to working remotely smoother, we will be providing additional free licenses for our MVN Animate Pro and MVN Analyze software packages. These additional licenses will allow you to work remotely and will still give you full access to all functionalities of the software.

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