The Mocap Content Creators Conference - Chapter 2

If you missed the Mocap Content Creators Conference - Chapter 2, we have a full overview for you in this blog!

Lat April we hosted the first MCCC and we had an impressive lineup of speakers providing exclusive insights into how they are using Xsens for their creative process.

You might remember the sessions by CodeMiko, Corridor Digital, Eric Bear, and Cory Strassburger! They shared tips, tricks, and knowledge with this community.

The second MCCC - Chapter 2 again has an awesome line-up and in this blog, you get an overview of the sessions:

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Session 1 - FUTURE NOW

By Joerg Zuber - Noonoouri

In this session, Joerg will dive into the technical and creative aspects of creating Noonoouri using motion capture.


Session 2 -Mocap Across the Country

By Ryan Garry - Unlimited Motion Ltd

In this session, Ryan Garry will talk you through his unique use of the Xsens system on-location in museums, forests, and offices to create some incredible real-time and immersive experiences for uses as diverse as feature film animation, on cruise ships, and for theatre performances, as well as sharing some tips about maximising your use of the system.


Session 3 -Phenomenal mocap power, tiny little office space!

By Simon Kay - Mocappys & DNEG

In this session, Simon is going to demonstrate about mocap during a pandemic: from large open sound stages to a tiny home office.


Session 4 -Retargeting skeletons and souls

By Alvaro Garcia Martinez - Mayhem Mirror Studios

In this session, Álvaro will explore how to connect motion capture to our characters, both technically, using Houdini KineFX, and emotionally, directing the actors and identifying the specific needs.


Session 5 -Directing motion capture for a sci-fi action animated feature film

By Haz Dulull -  Haz-Film

In this session, HaZ Dulull describes his process of directing motion capture for both remote and on-site sessions. He will peel back the curtains showing behind the scenes of the production of RIFT, a sci-fi action animated feature film which is currently deep in production. He will showcase how collaboration both remote and on-site requires detailed script breakdown, shot-blocking plans and good communication right through to how he uses the processed Xsens data straight into the shots as a hands-on director allowing him to craft the scenes with performance and action all in realtime.


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