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We support and actively spread interesting applications built with the Xsens DOT development platform. Now we're thrilled to introduce ORYX Movement Solutions - one of the pioneers working with the Xsens DOT. To inspire our current and future customers and offer the opportunity to get to know our platform rapidly, we share the results of their work - the KineXYZ app.

With this app, you can focus on developing your own innovative application without investing a lot of time in building specialist knowledge in kinematic modelling. KineXYZ will help you to build a biomechanical model in just minutes: it's a kick-start for developing with Xsens DOT.


Build your own motion-tracking application 

With the Xsens DOT Starter set you can build your own motion-tracking application. Want to learn more about platform possibilities in human motion tracking? Follow the next steps: 


Step 1: Buy the Xsens DOT starter set.

Step 2: Download the KineXYZ app. The app is exclusively available for iOS (iPad only). 

Step 3: Watch the KineXYZ demo below.

Step 4: Check out the KineXYZ documentation.

Step 5: Build a biomechanical model in just minutes.


KineXYZ demo:

KineXYZ - demo


Note: KineXYZ is developed by ORYX Movement Solutions. Xsens does not provide any support for this application.


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