HFES 2017

Every year HFES is a great opportunity to get an insight of what it is going on in the field of ergonomics & human factors and meet with old and new customers.

Guest Speaker
We would like to thank 
Carisa Harris-Adamson for speaking at the show floor, her talk “The ease of motion capture in the field using Xsens” was very interesting and showed how to easily use the system and gather the necessary data needed both easily and quickly.

The conference was also an opportunity for us to showcase our latest Beta software, a new, revolutionary software motion capture engine that will make Xsens’ mocap solutions immune to magnetic distortion and prevent body segment drift. Many of the attendees were blown away by the quality of the data or were just intrigued at the idea of being able to capture data outside of the lab.

User Meeting
Our team had a nice meeting forum with several of our customers and had the opportunity to exchange ideas and opinions among both the academic and industry communities which helped spur additional technical discussions.

In addition to all of this, it was nice to see that the discussion of wearables in occupational ergonomics has been increasing over the years. As our society becomes more and more better equipped to analyze large quantities of data it gives us the ability to make better decisions based on this.


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