April 20 till May 13

Xsens Biomechanics Challenge

What is the Xsens Biomechanics Challenge?

The Xsens Biomechanics Challenge is an intense 3-week event for you to develop and test your biomechanics, data processing, coding skills and knowledge. 

This global event aims to challenge you to think, brainstorm and conceptualize a solution for a case study that is present in the daily life of a physiotherapist. During 3-weeks you will develop and test your biomechanics, data processing and brainstorming skills.

In this challenge, multiple Universities around the world will participate and you will have the change to take a look at innovative ideas coming from different parts of the world.

Who can join?

Students and researchers in biomechanics, kinesiology, engineering, computer science, neuroscience, sport science, or anyone interested in human movement science and 3D motion capture.

When is the challenge?

The registration opens on April 7th during the National Biomechanics Day and ends on April 18th. The Virtual Classroom and Case Study Release will start on April 20th. 8 days later, on April 28, we have planned the Q&A session to ask all your questions. 

On May 4 the project needs to be delivered and the final presentation will be held on May 13.



How can I register?

Apply to the challenge individually or with a group of up to 4 people from the 7th of April until the 18th of April. 

The registration form will open on April 7th during the National Biomechanics Day.

What is the prize?

The winner(s) of the challenge will be rewarded with:

  • MTw Awinda starter set
  • Awinda station
  • MVN Analyze Pro license for 6 months

Register for the Biomechanics Challenge

The registration for this challenge opens on April 7th!