May 19

Xsens Biomechanics Challenge 2022

Xsens Biomechanics Challenge 2022

Please join us on Thursday, May 19th at 5 PM CEST for the Xsens Biomechanics Challenge 2022 finals. 

This event will showcase this year's final groups, selected from the wide field of submissions, and offer an in-depth presentation into their impressive projects. 

What is the Xsens Biomechanics Challenge?

The Xsens Biomechanics Challenge is an intense 3-week event for you to develop and test your biomechanics knowledge, data processing and coding skills.

This global event aims to challenge you to think, brainstorm and conceptualize a solution for a case study that is present in the daily life of neurology doctors. You will have 3-weeks to dive into the problem, analyze the patient data and propose your own solution for the case study.

In this challenge, multiple Universities around the world will participate and you will have the chance to take a look at innovative ideas coming from different parts of the world. During the final presentation of the projects there will also be space for networking, so you can get in contact with multiple students from different Universities and specialists in the field.

Biomechanics Challenge Winners 2022

We wanted to thank you for all your commitment and hard work throughout the Xsens Biomechanics Challenge 2022. We (along with the judges) were very impressed with the effort in the reports and sincerely thank you for your participation.

The winners of this year's event:

1st place: Intelligent Robotics Lab 

2nd place: Brock Biomechanics 2.0

3rd place: BruXMotion


Watch the finals webinar

In this webinar, the finalists share their projects.


Watch the kick-off webinar

See the kick-off and case study presentation here:

When is the challenge?

The registration opened on March 1. Teams were given three weeks to prepare, complete, and submit their project.


To do so they were given: 

  • A free trial of MVN Analyze software
  • Recorded movement files for tasks to analyze and compute certain kinematic outputs
  • A case study document
  • Access to the Kick-off webinar
  • Access to a Classroom webinar to learn in-depth about Xsens tools

How can I register?

To register and attend the final presentation of the Biomechanics Challenge 2022, please fill out the form below.

Register for the Biomechanics Challenge 2022 Finals

May 19, 2022