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Autonomous Vehicles & Motion Tracking

Our motion tracking solutions are used in a growing range of non-consumer, land-based autonomous vehicles. Think, for example, of self-racing cars, robots, or goods and people transporters in closed areas, such as (air)ports, large industrial sites or campuses. Unlike consumers on the automotive market, our customers in these application areas are less driven by regulatory considerations, and more by specific performance needs. 

Challenges for Autonomous Vehicles 

A vehicle can only operate autonomously if it knows where it is within a given space and time frame, where it is going, and how to get there. Our motion tracking systems enable this autonomy. Safety, efficiency and reliability are key factors here. Whether it is used for transport, or for surveying, mapping or testing purposes, you want your autonomous vehicle to be controllable at all times, and to operate in compliance with all your safety regulations and precautions. The accuracy and repeatability of your vehicles’ movements also matter: you want them to stick unerringly to the path, position and orientation needed for the tasks you assign to them. In indoor motion tracking, an additional challenge can be coping with high magnetic interference. For all these situations, our Motion Tracking industrial-grade (MTi) products offer a variety for all-in-one, challenge-specific solutions.

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