Olympic and World Champion speed skating Ireen Wüst

Olympic and World Champion speed skating Ireen Wüst

Xsens research

Xsens continuously invests in R&D to further push the boundaries of 3D tracking and to enable the next generation of products to serve its customers. Next to its corporate research Xsens also participates as a partner in selected (international) research project.

Xsens R&D

The majority of Xsens R&D output is eventually released as a product, from which our customers create ranges of publications. Some work however is more directed to explore the boundaries of current products and results in prototypes and concepts not (yet) available as commercial products, but inspiring and fun to share!

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  • Wearable gait lab (ForceShoe)
    Xsens and the University of Twente partner to demonstrate the possibilities of a wearable gait lab
  • Combining Xsens MVN and LPM data
    For speed skating
  • Combining Xsens MVN and GPS data
    For skiing
    For driving a car


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Project description:
TRAX is an International Training Network (ITN) research project sponsored by the EU under the Marie Curie actions in the 7th Framework Program. TRAX concentrates on Tracking in Complex Sensor Systems, focusing on complexities due to large volumes of data, complex object dynamics and measurement models, as well as large scale systems. The project starts October 1st 2013 and will run 4 years.
The BALANCE project is a project dedicated to Balance Augmentation in Locomotion, through Anticipative, Natural and Cooperative control of Exoskeletons. Xsens is participating in the FP7 funded project BALANCE with a number of interesting topics, including balance monitoring, focussing on CoP.The goal of BALANCE is to design and create a robotic exoskeleton to improve the balance performance of humans while standing and walking. This is particularly important when balance is difficult for example for people with neurological injury or in certain working conidtions for healthy people.The exoskeleton will support the user rather than take over the control when this is not needed. Supported tasks are functional standing and walking, in a clinical, real all-day life or work environment.For more information about the BALANCE project, visit the project website:

Published Papers

Dealing with the effects of sensor displacement in wearable activity recognition
Journal Articles, Product: MVN BIOMECH, Xbus Kit
Banos, O., Toth M. A., Damas, M., Pomares, H., Rojas, I.
IMU and Multiple RGB-D Camera Fusion for Assisting Indoor Stop-and-Go 3D Terrestrial Laser Scanning
Journal Articles, Product: MTi, MTi-10
Jacky C.K. Chow, Derek D. Lichti, Jeroen D. Hol, Giovanni Bellusci and Henk Luinge
Robotics 2014, 3(3),...
Quantitative comparison of five current protocols in gait analysis
Journal Articles, Validation study, Product: Xbus Kit
Ferrari A, Benedetti MG, Pavan E, Frigo C, Bettinelli D, Rabuffetti M, Crenna P, Leardini A.
Simultaneous registration of walking behaviour and structural response
Conference Papers, Product: MTw
K . Van Nimmen , P . Van den Broeck , G . Lombaert and G . De Roeck
Real-time low latency movement sonification in stroke rehabilitation based on a mobile platform
Conference Papers, Product: Xbus Kit
Brückner, H. P.; Theimer, W.; Blume, H.
Teleoperation of a humanoid robot using full-body motion capture, example movements, and machine learning
Conference Papers, Product: MVN
Stanton C., Bogdanovych A. and Ratanasena E.

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Mapping, State Estimation, and Navigation for Quadrotors and Human-Worn Sensor Systems
Slawomir Grzonka
PhD Thesis, September 2011 University of Freiburg
Ambulatory Movement Analysis Systems in Clinical Motor Function Assessment – Applications of Inertial Sensors and an Instrumented Force Shoe
J. C. van den Noort
PhD Thesis, October 2011 VU University, Amsterdam
Sensor Fusion and Calibration of Inertial Sensors, Vision, Ultra-Wideband and GPS
J.D. Hol
PhD Thesis, June 2011 Linköping University
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