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Full-body and half-body measurement system based on inertial sensors, biomechanical models and sensor fusion algorithms. Easy to use, short setup time and instant data output. Can be used anywhere.

  • Use anywhere: outside, in the office, no lab or simulated environment required
  • Generates instant and accurate 3D kinematic results
  • Short setup and easy calibration


  • Reliable and accurate data
  • Setup time within 10 minutes
  • Calibration within 10 seconds
  • Sophisticated biomechanical model
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Optimal magnetic immunity
  • Wireless connection: up to 150 meters
  • Different export formats including C3D and XML
  • Options for live streaming and easy sync



  • Biomechanics
    Xsens Customers- Research
    - Rehabilitation
    - Gait analysis
    - Sports Science
    - Sports coaching
  • Ergonomics and human factors
  • Human-Robot Interaction



Design highlights



The wrist strap

This strap is designed for smaller and wider wrists. It has a soft flap on the inside, so its comfortable. It has a relatively short circumference, for people with thinner wrists and an additional strap to allow more room for the slightly wider wrist allowing it to be secured tightly.


MVN Studio Pro


Instant graphs

MVN Studio Pro software is able to plot the measured data in graphs instantly. Any parameter can be visualized by dragging and dropping it into the graph pane for a quick analysis.


Intuitive Labeling


Intuitive labeling

All sensors and cables are labeled intuitive to optimize the setup time. All sensors are labeled with text directions and all cables are labeled with color tags.


MVN BIOMECHNumber of trackers

Full body configuration17 MTx inertial trackers
Lower body configuration7 MTx inertial trackers
Upper body configuration11 MTx inertial trackers
Extra prop / backup tracker1 MTx inertial tracker


Wireless range radius (typical)

Indoor open space
Indoor office
150 meters (492 ft.)
150 meters (492 ft.)
50 meters (164 ft.)


Sample Frequency

Update rates120, 100, 80, 60 Hz


Motion Tracker Performance Specifications

3D orientation accuracy< 0.5 deg
Resolution0.05 deg
Accelerometer range± 180 m/s2 (18 g)
Gyroscope range1200 deg/s


Output Data

  • MVN BIOMECH case3D Kinematics of 23 segments
  • 3D Representation of 22 joints
  • 3D Global position of segments and bony landmarks
  • 3D Body centre of mass
  • 3D Inertial sensor data


Accessories included

  • Full body set of straps
  • On-body wireless transmitters
  • USB wireless receivers
  • Reference camera
  • Batteries, charger, segmometer, cabling tool, etc
  • Strong, durable suitcase


Available options

  • Synchronization station (see below)
  • Lycra suits in stead of straps
  • Real-time streaming protocol
  • Software development kit
  • Awinda StationContact us for all possibilities


Synchronization station (optional)

To synchronize the MVN BIOMECH system with other data acquisition systems.
Synchronization signals are fully configurable within MVN Studio Pro.

  • 2 BNC ports for sync-in (Slave mode)
  • 2 BNC ports for sync-out (Master mode)
  • Industry standard 3.3V TTL pulses




Human Machine Interaction is used in:
Human Machine Interaction, Biomechanical analysis, Sports performance science, Rehabilitation, Wearable solutions, Ergonomics and Digital Factory & PLM.


Analysis of vehicle ingress and egress
Vehicle ingress and egress
Updated: Analysis of vehicle ingress and egress by the Coventry University.
Study of Effects of Intent Recognition Errors on Neural Control of Powered Lower Limb Prostheses
Lower Limb Prostheses
Study of Effects of Intent Recognition Errors on Neural Control of Powered Lower Limb Prostheses
Xsens MVN enabled Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality
Augsburg University research: Xsens MVN enabled Augmented Reality.
Identifying Psychological Focus of Attention Using Intra-Individual Movement Variability
Focus of Attention
Identifying Psychological Focus of Attention Using Intra-Individual Movement Variability by the University of Central Lancashire
The effect of different shoes on aiming and shooting in archery
Aiming and shooting in archery
The effect of different shoes on aiming and shooting in archery by the University of Ljubljana
Indoor Biofeedback Analysis for Rowing
Biofeedback Analysis for Rowing
Indoor Biofeedback Analysis for Rowing by NUI Galway.
A novel wearable measurement system for ambulatory assessment of joint loading in the occupational setting
Wearable measurement system
A wearable measurement system for ambulatory assessment by Harvard School of Public Health.
Interactive Sonification of Human Movements for Stroke Rehabilitation
Stroke Rehabilitation
Interactive Sonification of Human Movements for Stroke Rehabilitation by the Leibniz University Hanover.
Human Behaviour Analysis: Fall detection
Fall detection
Human Behaviour Analysis: Fall detection by the University of Coimbra.
Objective Functional Capacity Assessment using Xsens MVN System
Functional Capacity Assessment
Objective Functional Capacity Assessment using Xsens MVN System by the University of Wollongong
Rowing with Xsens MVN
Rowing with Xsens MVN
Rowing with Xsens MVN by Roessingh Research & Development (RRD).


MVN Studio ProMVN Studio PRO

30 days trial of MVN Studio Pro

MVN Studio PRO software is part of the MVN BIOMECH (Awinda) system. The software incorporates the sophisticated Xsens MVN Fusion Engine which ensures reliable data output. A license on a dongle is included with every system.

  • Sophisticated and scalable biomechanical human model
  • Easy sensor to segment calibration routine
  • Real-time preview
  • Recording and replaying measurements (w. video optional)
  • Extensive 3D data output
  • Global 3D position
  • Magnetic immunity
  • Synchronization option
  • Streaming motion data
  • Prop/object tracking
  • Multi-person motion capture
  • Plug-ins


More about MVN Studio PRO


Related Software


C-MotionVisual 3D from C-Motion

A successfully tested software application for reading C3D exported data using MVN BIOMECH is Visual3D software from C-Motion. A free CMO/C3D reader can be downloaded from C-Motion.

Visual3D is hardware and marker set independent. Marker sets can be easily imported for users to create purpose-built models. Using the 63 marker set from MVN BIOMECH (Awinda), full body 3D kinematic analysis is possible.






Siemens PLM JackSiemens PLM Software

Xsens has partnered with Siemens PLM Software to enable fast and easy integration of MVN BIOMECH’s highly accurate 3D data with the world-class software packages of the Tecnomatix-suite, Jack (>7.1) and Process Simulate Human (PSH >10.1). A special plug-in is available for MVN Studio Pro

Improve time to market using Xsens 3D motion capture data in Jack and Process Simulate Human (PSH). Real-time motion capture data streamed real-time into Siemens PLM software packages enables realistic task analysis of real humans carrying out real movements.

MVN BIOMECH is a mobile solution and can be used anywhere: indoors on an assembly line, on a factory floor, in tight spaces like a car or an airplane, as well as outdoors, without the need for simulated environments or additional equipment.


Dassault Systems using Haption

MVN data can be streamed in real-time, via middleware from Haption to Dassault ergonomics software packages as follows:

  • Delmia V5* using Haption’s RTI Delmia
  • Catia V5* using Haption’s IFC Core and IFC Human
  • 3DVIA Virtools** using Haption’s IPP Core and IPP Human


Using MVN BIOMECH with Haption’s IPSI, it is possible to analyse real data in a car, aeroplane, as well as immerge the human character directly into the digital mockup from Dassault software packages to validate future development, including assembly line, product, tooling, with realtime collision detection.

* V5 Human, Human Builder, Catia™ V5, Delmia™ V5, 3DVIA Virtools are trademarks from Dassault System
** Virtuose and IPSI are trademarks of Haption

Xsens Haption Dassault




Tried and tested synchronization of data acquisition systems with Xsens systems:

Xsens Synchronization with EMG Systems

Synchronizing with Noraxon EMGLink
Synchronizing with Cometa Wave EMGLink
Synchronizing with Delsys Trigno EMGLink

Xsens Synchronization with Pressure Mats

Synchronize with GAITRite Pressure MatLink

Xsens Synchronization with Optical Systems

Synchronize with ViconLink

Product Movies

MVN BIOMECH product movie Gait analysis with MVN BIOMECH Sports science


More videos at the Xsens YouTube channel

Published Papers

Concurrent validation of Xsens MVN measurement of lower limb joint angular kinematics

Author: Zhang J-T, Novak AC, Brouwer B and Li Q
Journal: Physiol. Meas. 2013: 34(8): N63-N69 doi:10.1088/0967-3334/34/8/N63

Read article

Intra-individual movement variability during skill transitions: A useful marker?

Author: Carson H.J., Collins D. & Richards J.
Journal: Eur J Sport Sci. 2013 Jul 10

Read article

Biomechanical differences between experienced and inexperienced wheelchair users during sport

Author: Starrs P, Chohan A, Fewtrell D, Richards J, Selfe J
Journal: Prosthet Orthot Int 2012; 36(3): 324-31

Read article


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